People before educationSupporting you in finding the best foreign teacher for your school.

Committed to recruiting quality education professionals

Teachers who can teach with a sense of responsibility, putting the students first.
Teachers who can as part of the school’s teaching team to support student growth.
Teachers who enjoy teaching, are not afraid of change, and are always willing to improve.

Educational Background
Teachers with degree in education, linguistics, or a specific subject.
Teachers who possess teaching certification, TEFL or other ESL-related qualification.
Teachers with at least two years of teaching experience



Contract directly with teachers

For schools that wish to hire teachers directly as a member of staff.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone by having the same teacher serve over a long period of time.
We offer a guaranteed teacher replacement service should a teacher leave mid contract.


Decide whether to direct or not after screening candidate ability

Great option for schools that are not comfortable with hiring a teacher directly, or for schools that want teachers for a small number of classes.

Our teachers can develop original lessons that are in line with your school’s policies, but make the most of their skills and knowledge.
We can also take care of admin work involved in appointing a foreign teacher, such as obtaining and renewing visas.

It is also possible to switch to direct employment at the end of the year when your contract is renewed. ※A predetermined referral fee will be charged.

Recruitment & Selection Process

Finding The Best Teacher For Your School

*Example of ideal recruiting process



Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the teacher referred and do not wish to renew your initial contract, we can help find a replacement at a reduced referral fee.

*Our consultant will visit you for a satisfaction survey before your contract with a teacher expires.

Full Refund and Re-referral Guarantee

If a teacher leaves your school after you have signed a contract with them directly, we will either give a full refund of your referral fee, or find a replacement free of charge.

*Applicable only if the teacher resigns within 3 months of starting work.


Management Support

In addition to the administrative tasks such as obtaining and renewing visas, we also provide communication support between schools and teachers. Moreover, if any issues arise we will respond swiftly.

Hearing and Feedback

Every semester, we will visit your school for hearing and to observe a class. We will listen to your requests and discontents. We will also provide feedback to the teachers and develop measures to improve their performances.


  • Is Global Partners able to find English teachers even if we’re not sure if we’ll need to hire or not?

    For us, just hearing about your school is an asset. As a rule, there is no charge for this service until a contract is signed. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Can you provide referrals or dispatches for subjects other than English?

    We recruit teachers who can teach not only English, but also PE, art, math, programming, inquiry, and other immersion subjects. We do our best to support and encourage schools to try new things.

  • I’m concerned about hiring directly from the get-go.

    We recommend spending the first year or so on an outsource/dispatch contract to check the teacher’s ability and compatibility, and then hire directly after the contract expires. *Note that there is a fixed referral fee.

  • Are we able to decline candidates after Global Partners search and introduce them?

    While we use rigorous criteria to evaluate competence of teachers, we fully understand that the needs of the school and cultural compatibility are also important factors, so we ask that you select teachers without compromise.

  • We do in-house recruiting already, so we do not need a contractor.

    Sure, but be mindful that it takes a lot of time to review documents, interview and communicate with candidates, as well as the cost of advertising. And what happens when a candidate withdraws from a position suddenly?

  • What is the different between when doing in-house recruiting vs working with Global Partners?

    To find the right person for your needs, we use our database of over 10,000 teachers, and put out an open call to find the ideal teacher. The chance of meeting the best candidates is obviously higher through a contractor.

  • Can I switch from outsourced or dispatched contract to direct employment?

    You can switch when you renew your contract one year after you have signed an outsourcing or dispatch contract. In order to achieve quality education, we believe that foreign teachers should be involved as a member of the school.