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Service Summary

Learning Stories for early childhood and primary education

Portfolio/documentation is the process of visualizing children’s learning through videos, photographs, and text.
In New Zealand, it has been developed as a “learning story” along with the “Te Whariki” National Curriculum for Infant and Toddler Education.

Storypark, which was created from a local nursery school, is a communication tool that can be used to connect with families even during periods of closure or voluntary restraint, and an evaluation tool that supports children’s growth.

What can Storypark do?

Easily share your child’s learning.

Take videos to document!

Videos that capture “the moment” can be easily saved and shared.

Evaluate learning via tags!

Analyse your child’s interests and learning through daily posts with tags.

Two-way communication anytime, anywhere!

Posting by family members is also possible, facilitating two-way communication between families and teachers.


  • Low cost and can be implemented by a small number of users

    Low cost and can be implemented by a small number of users*

  • Save time and labour for teachers

    Learning can be recorded and shared instantly! These can easily be exported and printed as PDF. The ability to communicate with individual, groups, or whole school, as well as a feature to analyse learning trends is a huge time saver.

  • Personal information security

    Using a referral system, only invited family members and teachers can view. Your child’s face and name will never be seen by a third party.

*For annual plan payment only. Monthly plan payment is at 130 yen/month, and the minimum charge is for 10 children (from 1,000 yen per month). For more details, please see the pricing plan.

Moreover, the records are kept indefinitely, so you can continue to view them even after graduation!



  • I’m thinking of implementing Storypark. I’d like to consult with you..

    We offer individual information sessions either online or in person. We will listen to the current situation and thoughts of your school, explain the features of Storypark, and provide a demo site for you to experience.

    Apply for individual info session

  • I’d like to try it out…

    There is a 30-day free trial after sign up. There are no initial fees or cancellation fees. There is no automatic billing after the free period. (Only for newly registered schools)

    New school sign up for 30 day free trial

  • Can I use Storypark to post notices and such?

    You can print things out and use them as a notice boards for parents to check at pick up time. Since everything is documented and saved, it will be easy to retrieve evidence when writing assessments.

  • Can I start using Storypark right away?

    You can sign up for an account on the web and start using Storypark right away. Feel free to contact our support center and we will help you directly.

  • Is it possible to use Storypark with just 1 child?

    Yes, it is possible to use Storypark with just 1 child. (The minimum charge is for 10 children)

  • Will the records be deleted after graduation?

    No, the records will remain after graduation. The records will be passed on to the next generation and contribute to childhood-elementary school cooperation.

  • Can you help out with various settings on my behalf?

    We also offer optional (fee-based) installation and after-sales support. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Are any apps available for Storypark?

    Yes, you can download from the links below.

    For iOS

    For Andriod

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