Fitzroy Readers

Teaching to Read and Write with this Australian literacy program

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Use the same materials as native-speaking children.
For the fundamentals of English literacy.

Beginning with the alphabet, and building up from simple phonics, this picture book series will gradually have children reading by themselves. Because the progression is gradual, children enjoy learning step-by-step, and gain confidence to read. This acclaimed program has been developed for over 20 years by the Fitzroy Community School in Australia, possessing a special sense of character and it simply works!

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Writing Workbooks

Develop writing skills by focusing on the same phonics points and vocabulary as the picture books, to help support children learning the basics of grammar and writing.        

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Reading Picture Books

By focusing on individual phonics points, children learn the fundamentals of reading, and will immediately be able to read on their own to experience the fun and satisfaction of reading for yourself!

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Learning Materials

The Fitzroy program offers a variety of educational materials such as board games, software, picture books, and the alphabet workbook to get children started on enjoying English!       

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